Initial Assessments

  • Language (aphasia) or Cognitive Communication Disorder Assessments: £200

  • Speech, Voice or Swallowing Assessments: £150 

To reflect the amount of work involved in assessing language and cognitive communication disorders, the price is higher. This is because it takes a significant length of time to analyse the assessment findings in order to make recommendations and to write a report.

Therapy Sessions 

£70 per hour

Travel cost: 

  • 45p per mile

  • Travel time is charged at £20 per hour (in 15- minute intervals)

There are no travel costs involved if you attend either my clinic or have online therapy (teletherapy).

Please note that 30 minute sessions must be completed in either my clinic or via teletherapy. 


Invoices must be paid before a further session is completed. Please pay invoices within two weeks. Invoices are emailed, unless otherwise requested.